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The Webby Awards

    The Webby awards are a new age award show based on people’s success on the internet. There is a whole site dedicated to talking about the winner of different awards and showing their contents and what they have been awarded with. This is a good way for creators and brands to be recognized on a platform that is growing like never before. There are many award shows that allow others to get recognition but not the webby awards. It is especially helpful in a time like we are in now where it is harder for large groups to gather so having an online site to broadcast different winners is important. With everything being so uncertain I think this is an important site that will help keep people feeling like nothing will be the same. 

    The webby site has an easy run through, there are not too many options and links that need to be used. They have kept the website’s aesthetic pretty sleek with black and white backgrounds, they did however use images of color to catch the viewer’s eye and make it more interesting to look at. On the main page they have added a search bar to make it easy to navigate right as you click on their site. There is also a list of some of the winners for this year on the homepage and a short description as to what they had won. It was very convenient to have a short description on the homepage of the winners so I did not have to travel through pages and paragraphs to figure out who had won what. In today’s fast paced world you don’t want to have to take so much time trying to find the answers or people will not want to use your site. 

    Accessibility is an important factor when working on online mediums due to such a wide variety of age ranges. You want to make sure the content and setup will be easy to work through no matter your knowledge of technology. This site was a place where they took into consideration how people will be able to navigate and access their information. There was not page after page of useless information but only 9 tabs with specific uses for what you are looking to find. The site has a tab for podcasts which allows in-depth conversations about what awards were won, who won them, why the winner was chosen, and a whole bunch more. This feature is something that will appeal to a large audience especially those who don’t have the time to read through an article but can put this type of podcast on when they are on the go.

    The website states that it is an international award that allows many different people from all over the world to be included and allow them to get use out of the site. This aspect will bring a lot more people to the site and hopefully keep them interested. I did not take away an age that this site would technically cater too, due to them having musicians like Prince and Miley Cyrus featured so I saw a very wide variety in artists through time. There were also a lot of options when it came to genres that would receive an award or honorable mentionAlthough I would like to believe they are trying to include many different ages I also saw that they have apps and creators who a lot of a younger generation would only know and associate with. Though I do not believe this should be a deterrent from using the website.

    The setup of this website has made me think more in depth about how I want to change and work on my site for the future. I think it would be interesting to add things like podcasts and maybe expand more into different mediums of the internet. It also had made me think about how inclusive I am and if I am only catering to one audience. I feel like for a site that focuses on book reviews I will be able to recommend and review for a wide variety of men, women, and many ages because everyone has different tastes in literature. In our class we had talked about a lot of different elements of design and I do believe that the Webby Award site had touched on a few of them. One in particular that I had noticed was universal design, this platform is able to continue uploading no matter the circumstance since it is all virtual. The second elect of design that I had noticed was responsive design, the page opened on different platforms and adjusted without it interfering with my experience navigating. Having different elements so that the audience will have the best experience is a key factor in the success of a website.

    The Webby awards was a website that I personally had never used or visited before this review. After evaluating the site and being able to go through all the different tabs and pages I would definitely use it again. The interface was easy to navigate and allowed for me to get the information I was looking for without any hassle.There was a variety of different awards that people and brands were receiving so you are likely to find something that will interest you. I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for entertainment and is interested in who on the internet has been most preeminent.

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