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The Forever Club

The Forever Club is a site which allows its users to access online comedy skits and interactive videos. This site has a good premise but it is also something that is not for everyone and not something that everyone will find comedic. When you first enter the site you are met with a white background, a synopsis of the site, colored tabs at the top to direct you to different areas, and a picture of who is a part of the Forever Club. The best way to explain the site is an interactive story/video site. This is due to the fact that it displays fictional stories that you must tap through or scroll to view the next image, text, or person. While it might look like a simple process to produce these videos a lot of time seems to have gone in to make it smoothly transition and to tell a clear story that the viewer can go along with. 

 To access the different aspects of the site there is a main bar at the top with one click redirecting so no drop menus are needed. The layout is easy and there are not too many aspects that you would need to look through to find the content you are looking for. People of all ages will be able to use the site without any problems. The one stipulation that I noticed was when clicking on a video it did not load the first two times, I had to close the page and reload the video for it to play. There also might be difficulty for those who have a problem with their sight,  I know I am one of many who wears glasses and contacts and some of the fonts were a bit small and gritty to the eye. Many people will be able to benefit from this site and what it has to offer. It is a place where you can get a good laugh without having to pay to see an actual comedy show. With that being said like I had stated earlier it is not for everyone. Though the layout of the videos are simple it is more set up for those of a younger generation with phone text clips and wording. 

The technology that they provide is supposed to be used as something for humor. They state on the homepage that their site and those who produce the videos are “Humorists”. They also tell their audience that these videos are not your normal comedy and that there will be odd and unusual circumstances that may occur. The site is free to use and no downloads are required which is nice seeing how everything in today’s age costs something or makes you sign up for a subscription. There are no direct biases that can be identified by first glance but there is definitely a specific audience that they will reach from the content they provide. I came to this conclusion when I viewed the names of the episodes, some examples are “let’s drink, the kiss, and we prepare to die” (© 2020 In 2020 we are at a stage where everything is not guaranteed especially due to Covid-19, with a site like this you can get the laughs without actually going out and spending money or risking your safety. 

Throughout my Digital Media class we have learned what can make a good website and what can make a website not so good. One takeaway from the site that we had previously talked about in class was the use of color and how different colors can make an audience feel differently about the site. The Forever club website did not go by the color guidelines for instance they had used multiple different colors like yellow, green, and red which represent and make you feel things like warning and outdoors which does not correctly represent what they tried to display. Though this was not a huge deal breaker for the site because they did use black and white to calm down and not make so much noise for their viewers. The layout was also simple which added to a better user experience. A key factor with any site is that it is long lasting, a key word in the main page and even the name of the site is the word forever and this definitely portrays a site/company that will be around for a long time to come. (

Another key factor which is important especially in today’s day and age is social media. Social media is how people communicate, get the word out, look for information, and so much more. With the Forever Club they not only have their website but also other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit. Having other platforms will help build a brand and help more people discover their site. It is also a good thing because fans will be able to get more involved with the creators and they can build a long lasting fan base. As of now the site is free but as companies become bigger and get a following they begin to start charging for content and to use certain aspects of the site. It is not a terrible thing when this happened but it does make a fan question whether or not the content is worth their time and money and as long as these creators keep up the same love for their craft they will do well. 

The website Forever Friends is a place where many people Can go when they are looking for a new age style of comedy. The site is totally free and user friendly to those of all ages, with that being said there are a few flaws that I didn’t encounter. One main one I noticed is the style in which the content is layed out. The videos are interactive and set up in a texting format for the most part which will do well for younger generations but maybe not so much with those who are a bit older. Next was the layout, it was a simple platform that again can be easily accessed and used by many people but the color choices and general look of the site was a bit boring. This website is an easy and fun site when you are looking to pass some time but I do not see myself using it in the future. If you want to check out the site for yourself the link is down below.

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