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One of the great ways that people can be able to use the internet is a website called LinkedIn learning. LinkedIn learning is a site that allows you to watch videos and content from those in different fields like business, technology, and creativity courses. I find that it is very helpful to have these type of sites that can help people work through different areas that they might have been struggling in. Especially now with everything being online I think it is a great tool for those looking to further their training. The website itself is pretty easy to use with different options on what videos you can watch and a easy navigation. The only thing that might be a downside is the factor of paying, though they do allow a free trial so you can get a feel on whether or not you think it will be worth it.

Podcast Worksheet

Podcast & episode title: The TryPod. Episode 17 Zach’s Taylor Swift Twitter Feud
How many voices? 4 voices
Notes on speaker’s voice, tone, cadence:  They are very upbeat and excited to tell the stories
Mention of sources? In other words, how is the content believable?  It was believable because the stories are always so random that they can’t just be made up. They also have proof via the internet and peoples words/screenshots.
What kind of message is discussed? Is it rigorous, silly, timely, something else?   The message discussed is something silly and joking. They tend to talk about a lot of relevant stuff but not in a serious way but more to make the audience laugh.
Incorporation of music: what types?  How?  They have an intro song/beat but not much else is played
What related notes did the producers provide (blog post, suggested readings, photos)?   They don’t really provide sourced other then saying you can look what they are talking about up on the internet.
What was particularly effective?  It was a way to pass the time and something everyone can really enjoy listening to
What could be improved?   I do not think that they need to improve much all of the people on the podcast have been in the media and producing industry for sometime and they have built themselves a fan base that is loyal
What lessons would you take away from this if you were creating your own podcast series?  To not be so serious and make it something that many people will be able to enjoy.
Other observations: I have listened to their podcast a few times before and every time I find myself wanting to put another one on and I think that is something that is unique about them. They are all very unproblematic and relatable people and I hope others can find enjoyment in their content.

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