Digital Media Course


Disney is one of the biggest companies in the world and thousands of people visit their website everyday. I think that the Disney site does have a good user experience. To start, you first open the page to a white background which makes everything else on the page standout and does not distract the user from their original goal on the site. The wording is in black and gives a feel of luxury like Disney is known for. When you hover over the words it displays a pop up with a short synopsis in order to direct you to where you need to go so you don’t have to go looking all over; this allows people of all ages to be able to navigate without any difficulties. The site is anything but plane, they have pictures of their content that will keep you engaged and wanting to keep looking. From the looks of it they also supply a lot of information about pricing and are honest about what you will be paying for, which I think is good if you want a costumer to come back and continue to support your brand. As we all know Disney is one of the most magical places on earth and I think that their website does a good job in conveying that message.

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